she has stopped sleeping.
she really want to sleep though.
she's trying to be healthier
but all the drinking and smoking isn't helping.
everyone wants her to quit but she
probably never will.
she's been living on candy and rice
sugar and salt.
she's been drinking cups of coffee
and laughing hystiercally at 5am
when she and her roommate have insomnia.
she remembers when the boy she loves
used to be so close.
she remembers when her best friend
used to be so close.
she likes to remember.
salt and sugar.
she just wants to feel alive
she lies in bed at night reliving every
moment from before.
oh well
she's cold and self-centered.
try to get over her.

On a lighter note, someone wrote "Nodevertising," I thought I was going to die. Thats the best thing I've ever heard.