Macalester College's weekly student-produced newspaper, published since 1914. The content tends to reflect Macalester's very liberal bent, but there are occasional articles from people who object to the marginalization that more conservative people tend to suffer at Mac. There is plenty of criticism of Macalester in the Mac Weekly in spite of the fact that most students here seem pretty happy. The sections and features are as follows:

  • Opinion articles on topics ranging from politics to student government to just how "liberal" Macalester really is, when we all hate Republicans so much.
  • Quietly and Mostly To Myself: Thoughts on multiculturalism and racial differences.
  • Letters To The Editor: Generally about 50% people complaining about articles in the previous Weekly, and 50% good suggestions to students, faculty and administration.
  • Sports News: results of Mac's most recent "big" games; our most popular sport is soccer.
  • Scots Statistics: Results of less closely followed recent sports events.
  • Scots' Schedule: Schedule of upcoming sports events. The school mascot, by the way, is the Fighting Scots. Don't ask me about the mismatched plural.
  • Athletes of the Week: Recognizing students for exceptional performance in athletics.
  • Feature articles: Anything goes, as far as I can tell.
  • Sex Columnists: New sex columnists are recruited every year to shock and titillate Macalester students.
  • Reviews: Reviews of newly-released music, usually indie bands or bands located in and or around the Twin Cities, if possible.
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