"Sokath, his eyes uncovered" - Sudden understanding as described by one Star Trek episode.

DATHON: Sokath, his eyes uncovered!

This is an image of understanding or realization. (Later, the First Officer uses it in a similar context, leaving little doubt as to the translation.) The image is somewhat reminiscent of the scales falling from Saul's eyes--another Biblical connection.

SOURCE: The Darmok Dictionary, http://www.chaparraltree.com/sflang/darmok.shtml

Notice also the meaning given to pain/anger: DATHON: (cries out in pain)

PICARD: Are you all right?
DATHON: (waves him off) Kiazi's children, their faces wet.

Dathon's tone would indicate that he's trying to say "it's nothing." Perhaps Kiazi's children cried to get attention--something like the boy who cried wolf.

SOURCE: The Darmok Dictionary, http://www.chaparraltree.com/sflang/darmok.shtml

The language is "set" by the myths and stories of the past.

On the subject of pain (etc) I found a similar picture phrase that I felt was of equal merit.

If for example we take the story of Job in the Bible we see a story of loss on a tragic scale. From riches to nothing quite suddenly. Our Job then has to endure chapters of depressive thoughts and blame from his "friends".

Right at the end, after God gives no real answer for why it all happened and judges these dead beats Job calls friends, Job prays for these friends. This is the image, then, in the language of this Star Trek race (often called "Darmok"):

Job, praying for his friends.

The picture is that of wishing well to those who don't deserve it because you care about them anyway.

This language is a well conceived one for those who would talk with poetic depth. The whole story (episode) could be considered an allegory for those that are misunderstood due to their different take on life.

Everything Darmok

Webster 1913, writing a node.
The idea of expressing wisdom. 

Node, sent to node heaven.
A perfect Darmok phrase for talking patent utter rubbish.

Noder, his fingers in his eyes
eyes, not ears. Good Darmish for not listening to a good reasons due to the way it upsets your world view that just so happens to be reasonably well thought out and fairly sound.

See also: Mirab, his sails unfurled, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra & Shaka, when the walls fell.

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