The Three Chief Officers of the Island of Britain:

Caradawg ap Bran is the same Caradawg of Branwen uerch Llyr, the son of Bran and heir to the throne of Prydein (Britain), who was usurped by his uncle Caswallawn. Perhaps Cawrudaf is a mistake for Eudaf son of Caradawg, who is father of Elen, who marries Macsen Wledig; their son is then Owain, who is not the same as Owein ap Urien, who lived at least two hundred--perhaps three hundred--years later.

Essentially, the three Chief Officers are the direct decendents of Bendigedfran ap Llyr, i.e. Bran, i.e. the Fisher King. They were usurped, though in the story Breuddwyd Macsen, Maxen (Macsen) drives "Beli ap Manogan and all his sons to the sea"--thus making possible the reclaiming of the throne by the Children of Llyr, in this case, Eudaf. Eudaf's son is the legendary Conan Meriadoc, in The Mabinogion called Cynan, who is said to have been betrothed to St. Ursula, and also to have conquored Brittany. At any rate, this upset in the ballance of power lead to King Arthur's claim to the throne.

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