In Welsh mythology, the pantheon is generally agreed to be divided into two warring camps: the Children of Don and the Children of Llyr. The Children of Don are the decendents of the goddess Don and god Beli (also called Beli Mawr, Belin, and Belinos/Belinus), and are more or less analoguous to the Tuatha de Dananns of Irish mythology. They were often at war with the Children of Llyr for the kingship of Prydein (Britain), and according to the Mabinogion won.

It may be that they are later gods of the Celts, as opposed to the family of Llyr, who may have been indiginous gods; the family of Don seem to represent civilization (agriculture, smithing), while the Children of Llyr are more primal, dealing with natural forces (the sea; death; love).

The Children of Don (or Family of Don) are as follows:

These are the actual children of Don and Beli:

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