Celtic mythology - in the Welsh Mabinogi, Math the lord of Gwynedd had to rest his feet in the lap of a virgin. When his original virgin Goewin was raped, Arianrhod undertook a test of chastity and stepped over Math's magic wand giving birth to two sons. (I guess she didn't get the job).

Arianrhod: ah-REEN-hroad
Aranrhod: ah-RAHN-hraod
Arianrod: ah-REEN-rod
Welsh: Silver Wheel

With a name meaning "Silver Wheel" and her home--Caer Arianrhod--identified with the Corona Borealis, it is likely that this goddess represents the moon. Moreover, her protestations of virginity in the story "Math ap Mathonwy" in the Mabinogion would also identify her with Artemis/Diana in Greco-Roman myth.

According to Welsh myth, her sons were Dylan eil Ton, a sea god, and Lleu/Llew Llaw Gyffes, a god of light--opposing twins. It is speculated that they were sired by her brother Gwydion, who then raised Lleu away from his mother, who wanted to kill the baby, as it was evidence of her non-virginity. Twice she is tricked into helping her son--naming him, and arming him--but the third time she curses him that he would never have a wife which is human. True enough--he married Blodeuwedd, the woman made of flowers.

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