A pretty much complete discography. The only thing I haven't included are a lot of the compilations - because there probably isn't enough space on E2 to store a list of them all, and they all use standard album/single tracks anyway. I know that I'm missing the Japanese single with the song Trance and Roll on it at the very least; please /msg me if you know what it is.


  • 1995 - Exit Planet Dust (JBO - UK, Astralwerks - US)
    Their debut album as the Chemical Brothers, and, in my opinion, their best.
  • 1997 - Dig your own hole (JBO - UK, Astralwerks - US)
    Probably their second most famous album (after Come with us), because their two most famous tracks are on it. Tweaked scratchy breakbeats start here!
  • 1999 - Surrender (Freestyle Dust - UK, Astralwerks - US)
    Track 10 might be called "Racing the tide" or "Surrender", depending on which country you bought it in. Track 2 might also be called "Influenced" instead of "Under the influence".
  • 2000 - Kick out the jams
    Some rare B-sides and remixes. There appears to be at least three different releases of this album.
  • 2002 - Come with us (Virgin)
    A departure from the tweaky screeching beats on their previous albums, this is more of a psychedelica feel. Best song is probably The Test, with vocals recorded by Richard Ashcroft.
  • 2003 - The singles 93-03 (?)
    A compilation containing all the Brothers' singles from the last ten years, plus two new tracks, and a bonus disc with remixes and rare (I'd-never-even-heard-of-the-damn-things-before-this-came-out rare) tracks from the period. It'll also be released on DVD, so you'll be able to see all those cool video clips again. Bonus tracks are The golden path and Get yourself high.
  • 2004 - Push the Button (EMI)
    An even more radical departure from their previous breakbeats. This one contains more hip-hop and guitar-esque numbers, but can't really pull anything particularly impressive off. The only real reason for buying this is to not feel guilty for downloading Flip The Switch.
  • 2007 - We are the Night (Virgin, Astralwerks, Freestyle Dust, Toshiba-EMI)
    One day I will actually listen to this, though I've been told that it's more like their older, bigbeat stuff than their newer, psychedelic stuff.

Mix albums

Singles / EPs

Live / bootlegs


There's only really two of these worth listing - the two WipEout "soundtracks" that songs appeared on.
  • 1996 - WipEout 2097 / XL
    Featured a track called "Dust Up Beats"... which, after I'd bought Exit Planet Dust, sounded suspiciously exactly the same as the track "Fuck up beats". I'm guessing it was renamed so it could actually be put on the track listing without parents calling in legal action against Psygnosis for corrupting their children's tiny fragile minds. Loops of fury was also included, and this is pretty much the only other place to get it if you missed the single.
  • 1999 - Wip3out
    Under the influence, and then some. Featured the full album version of the song - surprising, as the Underworld track Kittens ended up as a three-minute "short" that doesn't sound much like the original.


Colaborations with other bands, mostly.

Electronic Battle Weapon series

Not really worth doing another writeup on these alone, I think. Basically, they're promos of new songs released (privately) on vinyl by the 'Brothers to be to be tested by DJs.


Remixed by

Aww, thanks, nkrblue. *blushes*


  • http://www.planet-dust.net/cb.htm
  • http://www.chemicalbros.h1.ru/ (Parent domain has been hijacked by some kind of Russian search placeholder site. Try using Google cache to browse it.)
  • http://pub105.ezboard.com/floopzofficialorbitalwebsitefrm7.showMessage?topicID=423.topic&index=5
  • http://www.nme.com/news/100593.htm
  • http://www.discogs.com/release/113637
  • That's about it, apart from my CD/MP3 collection.