Album mixed by the Chemical Brothers. Released in 1996 on the Heavenly label.
Genre: hip hop/rap, rock, techno, house.

  1. Introduction
  2. Meat Beat Manifesto - Cutman
  3. Davy DMX - The DMX will rock
  4. Cash & Marvellous - Mighty hard rocker
  5. Crooklyn Clan - Yes, we can
  6. CarlosAfter DarkBerrios - Doin’ it after dark (D-Ski’s dance)
  7. Tainted Glass - Can’t
  8. Eric B. and Rakim - Juice (know the ledge) (main mix)
  9. Red Snapper - Wesley don’t surf
  10. Lionrock - Packet of peace (Chemical Brothers remix)
  11. DJ Who - PB4UGO2BED
  12. Metro - To a nation rockin’
  13. Chemical Brothers - Get up on it like this
  14. Tim Love Lee - Again son
  15. The Charlatans - Nine acre dust (featuring the Chemical Brothers)
  16. Funk D'Void - Jack me off
  17. Will Webb - Mirrorshades
  18. Selectah - Wede man (hoody mix)
  19. Eddie Bo - We’re doing it (thang)

Typical of the sort of music the Brothers' played while they were resident DJs at the Heavenly Social, this album is a night's worth of music compressed down into an album. Somewhat similar to albums like Brothers Gonna Work It Out and The Dirtchamber Sessions, but much less eclectic and using more of the music that was popular at the time. Quite an interesting listen, even if you don't like some of the genres.

The bootleg album "AuGmEnTeD" is exactly the same as Live at the Social, but the tracks have been given different names.

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