Actually, the full title is Prodigy Present The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One

A CD from the estimable English technoish band The Prodigy.

Technically this CD was done entirely by one member of the group, Liam Howlett. As I undersrtand it, its a huge mishmash of tunes by musicians and other DJs whom Mr. Howlett has respect for. Each track is masterfully mixed and blended with the others to create a seamless experience that is more than a little bit entrancing. If you paid any attention to popular music in the late 80's or 90's, you will know many of these songs.

The biggest impression I come away from this CD with is the huge lack of recognition given to DJs. Hearing Jane's Addiction: Been Caught Stealing blend into KRS One: I Get Wrecked, as if it were written to do just that amazes me.

Since each track is a composition of many other tracks, its hard to give a track list. So I found this on the web. I don't know every song sampled, so I cant swear to the accuracy. From what I do know, it seems pretty accurate though.


"The Dirtchamber" is the name of Liam's studio.

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