Album mixed by Fatboy Slim. Released in 2002 on the Southern Fried label.
Genres: techno, house, soul (?), progressive.

  1. Underworld - Born slippy.NUXX
  2. Fatboy Slim - Right here, right now
  3. Kid Creme - Austin's groove
  4. Scanty - Southern thing
  5. Fatboy Slim - You're not from Brighton
  6. Minimal Funk - The groovy thang
  7. Fatboy Slim - Fucking in heaven
  8. Santos - Pray
  9. The Clumps - The talk
  10. Basement Jaxx - Where's your head at?
  11. Jark Prongo - Rocket bass
  12. Love Tattoo - Drop some drums (original version)
  13. Fatboy Slim - Soul surfing
  14. Black & White Brothers - Put your hands up
  15. Fatboy Slim - Song for shelter
  16. Santos - 3, 2, 1, fire!
  17. Fatboy Slim - Star 69
  18. Raven Maize - The real life (Fatboy Slim remix)
  19. Fatboy Slim - Sunset (bird of prey)
  20. Leftfield - Phat planet (album version)
  21. Roland Clark - Speak lord (I get deep)

Put 35,000 people on a beach. Have a celebrity DJ play music at them for an hour. Release the result as a new album.

This album isn't really anything like any of Fatboy Slim's other live sets - in that it's not actually very good. It starts off with a nice, slow mix of Born slippy, progressing into a nicely funky remix of Right here, right now... and goes downhill from there. Vocal samples that are louder than the music playing are randomly dropped into the mix (the "fatboy slim is fucking in heaven" sample is played at least once every ten minutes) and repeated for minutes at a time, the sound stops entirely for two minutes or so while Norman mumbles things at the crowd ("Get the hell away from the water! Public service anouncement!"), and half of what's played seems to be either from Halfway between the gutter and the stars or You've come a long way, baby.

However, I don't like Fatboy Slim all that much. His "K-Roc solid state" mix is a better example of what he's capable of.

You can also replicate the album quite easily. You will need:

  • (at least) several hundred friends.
  • one large beach.
  • two hours worth of vinyl, at least half of which is by Fatboy Slim.
  • your usual DJ equipment.
  • recording gear.
  • some random vocal samples.


  1. Set up your decks/records/etc. on one end of the beach. The crowd should be placed 50-75m (150-220ft) in front of you, with the recording equipment behind them. This is important.
  2. Start recording.
  3. Start playing music. Every second song must be by Fatboy Slim, and any vocal portions must be looped at least twenty times.
  4. About half an hour into the set, turn all the music off and start talking to the crowd. Because the recording equipment is so far away, nobody will be able to hear you properly.
  5. Drop straight back into the music. This is so anyone who's turned the volume up to listen to you talk will suffer from punctured eardrums.
  6. Repeat from step two for another forty minutes.
  7. Make millions of dollars selling the recordings.

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