Riverdale is a medium-sized community located in the westernmost part of the Bronx, New York City. To the west is the Hudson River, New Jersey, and the rest of the United States. Riverdale's eastern boundary is Broadway, which you can take south into Manhattan, or north into Yonkers. It is located on top of a rocky ridge, which is the reason that other parts of the Bronx were settled in first. The peak of the ridge is more or less along Riverdale Avenue and the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Some famous (well, at least for Riverdalians) parts are:

  • The monument, which remembers veterans from Riverdale and surrounding neighborhoods, is located where the Henry Hudson Parkway meets Riverdale Avenue at 238th St.
  • There is a large stone staircase down the steep hill between Johnson Avenue and Riverdale Avenue at 231st St.
  • Wave Hill, previously a privately owned mansion, was donated to the city a few decades ago. The house and the grounds are both very well kept - it's really a beautiful place to go. There are gardens, grassy fields, paths through the woods, and even a goldfish pond.
  • Fieldston is a community of multi-million dollar mansions, some of which are real interesting to look at. It's a nice place to take a walk, too.
  • Close to Riverdale, the Bronx Zoo is one of the most famous Zoos in the world

Riverdale is probably the most affluent part of the Bronx, although that wasn't always the case. It has gotten nicer in the past few decades. There has always been a large elderly population in Riverdale.

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