The lyrics to this were written and sung by Jim Morrison, of the Doors. It's actually sampled from Morrison's posthumously released album An American Prayer, which is basically Morrison reciting some of his poetry, with the rest of the Doors playing in the background.

The song itself, as AmadeusTheKitten mentions above, is a lot more laid back than most of Fatboy Slim's work, sounding quite ambient. With Morrison's softly crooned vocals floating above the music, this song kind of reminds me of The Orb's Little Fluffy Clouds.

According to a report on MTV Asia's website, Fatboy Slim is now worried (or was at the time: the report is from 25th October 2000) about being haunted by Morrison's ghost.

From the MTV Asia website:

Cook says, "It's a weird thing. This person told me that everyone who has worked with Jim Morrison's music since he died has been visited by his ghost.

"That night I was lying in bed in this strange gothic hotel in Paris, where Morrison is buried, thinking 'Oh my God, he'll be knocking on the door any minute now.'

"Luckily, he didn't turn up that night, but who knows when he might strike."

Norman Cook has also been a victim of abuse from Doors fans....

To make matters worse Cook, married to TV presenter Zoe Ball, has been inundated with abuse from Morrison obsessives.

Norman says, "I hadn't envisaged Doors fans sending me hate mail, saying 'How dare you? You're not fit to lace Jim's boots, let alone ruin his music.'

"It hadn't even occurred to me that anyone might be upset about it. I know Jim would have been into Sunset if he was alive today. He was always pushing boundaries. I'm sure he would be into electronic, trippy music like me."

I'd tend to agree with that view; I think Jim would appreciate the gentle, chilled out music behind his words.

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