...is not the reason you think it is.
Yes, i am a woman. No i do not have a moral or personal objection to porn. I see the human body as an art form, male or female. That's just the way i am. However, i, if not hate then strongly dislike porn for this message that it--probably subconsconsciously but definitely--sends:

"You are a woman. You are not welcome in computing. You have no right to think yourself geek."
No, honestly. Take a minute to think about this.

I want an mp3 and refuse to use :::cringes::: Napster so i go to an actual :::gasp::: mp3 site. Porn banners. *male* porn banners advertising "Enormous tits!" "see (insert name of female famous person here) perform a blow job on/have lesbian sex with/whatever else!" "Hot young college girls!". *male* porn. I go to a Warez site to either rip a program, or to get a crack for a program i ripped somewhere else. Porn banners. *male* porn banners. This subconsciously sends off the message "this is a place for men. We only expect men to come here, only men belong here."

It works on the assumption that they will make no money off offering things to women since there is no female audience in that particular place. I've pretty much gotten over this some time ago, and will just go get my hack or my song, ignoring the overly-endowed women looking "seductively" at me. But this is a relatively serious problem and bears at least mentioning. It seems almost like an inadvertent form of elitism, that these "high level" computer activities are reserved for men. It doesn't take much to turn a fledgling tech-woman away from computers, if she feels unwelcome and an outsider (i've *seen* this happen, many MANY times i am speaking from experience not generalization), and this maybe subconscious but not-so-subtle "you don't belong here" is not going to help the problem any...