Can a straight guy be a gay flirt?

Absolutely. As the writeups above this one demonstrate.

And, in my experience, the more hedonistic a man is, the more likely he is to engage in a little harmless same-sex intrigue.

There's something I find incredibly attractive about a man who finds pleasure the most powerful of drugs. It's wholly unique to each person, the things that please and pleasure them. Said pleasure can be found in light, in life, in drugs, in sex, in pain ... just about anywhere one would care to look.

For the man who takes pleasure in sensation, I find that the ... the ... the very vice of homosexuality is a powerful draw for him. Not the culture, not the attendant little rituals that homosexuals adopt. The hedonistic straight man is not interested in anything like that, for he's not truly gay. All he's interested in is that new sensation. It's the naughtiness of it, the rebelliousness, the casting aside of mores and taboos, and the utter self-indulgence of it all.

And these days, you might just find a man who'll have sex with another man to make a political statement. A backlash against radical feminism, just as many radical feminists espouse lesbianism as a protest against a male-dominant society. It's interesting, to me at least.

So, he'll flirt with me, tease me, taunt me, touch me ... he might even kiss me. If he's especially drowned in sybaritic nature, he might even deign to experiment with me.

All of it, though, in his eyes is nothing more than flirtation. A new high. A new glass full of feeling from which to drink.

It's secret.

It's special.

It's erotic.