Yesterday... not much. =( Did some noding, though...


Not much stuff going on. I woke up today after 12:15... God.

Last night was loooong... I just had to make better than the (snort) inferior Python version... My first (ab)use of $& variable in Perl.

Well, I made a few modifications to my photos for the digital media class. I don't have a decent sound editor for Linux, so I can't make the other stuff yet (involved ripping music from CD, recording it, or getting it from other sources and piecing it togheter in a creative manner... =)

Kuro5hin rocks. =) You see, I have grown E2-addicted over the summer, and I found myself confused when I didn't find the +/-/o and Vote! button from Slashdot =) Kuro5hin has a five-point rating scale for each reply.

K5 also had some interesting stuff, I'll write more after I've find out more...


Slashnet changing name to Ircnetwork? Dumb, ircnet already exists...


OK... my home machine's ipchains are probably Completely Misconfigured... I can't connect to the "official" Napster servers, and no one can get to the web server running on my machine. Apparently identd fails to make itself visible, too (not that I care). Well well...


007 in TV... This time on Her Majesty's Secret Service. Yesterday they showed You Only Live Twice, which still had a couple of cheesy things (I could see the strings that kept the rocket in air!). The first Bonds had a lot cheesy things, but in the more recent movies, cheesiness has just became subtler and subtler =)

I have nothing against the series in general, though. Decent movies, but not greatest ever made. =)


Level 6! Woohoo! =) Why it took so long? Nuked some old crap, and that apparently still needs to be excercised later...

I noded my shortish reviews and points about Jack T. Chick Tracts - and will do in future, at least about the most interesting of them... =)

(To be continued)

Other day logs o' mine...

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