I had a strange dream last night, not enough to make a dream log I guess... I had (when I was awake =) written E-mail to my friend that night, and I dreamed that when I logged on to the mail machine and typed "from", I saw mail from a weird-adressed sender. It had an odd domain name, I think, but from the user part of the address, I knew that this was him. =)

(But in RL, I haven't got a reply - at least not via E-mail. So there.)

Some thoughts today that escaped my mentioning in yesterday: Many corporations still seem to favor "closed-source" programs. But the UML is the trend now, right? Unified Modelling Language, designed to avoid confusion when designing those awfully complicated systems. I heard UML's strength is that it's same everywhere (U in UML). Now, does this make stealing business plans easier, or what? "Good heavens", says the Management. =)

I have realized something through these OO courses: Design is important, and as the old boring comment goes, what is well designed is already half done... I just need to a) pick a design method that fits for me, and b) if the method says "don't do this with a computer", try to do it with a computer. =)

I have been hearing "Good programmer starts the project on paper without the computer" so many times, but I disagree. Why paper when we have GNU Dia and LyX? =)


I found something cool - something titled "RSA encryption, decryption and key generation with Perl/dc/gp", by Vipul Ved Prakash. An obfuscated RSA program shaped like... a dolphin. Sadly, only a few people truly understand dolphins, and this probably won't help... *g*


I updated my home page. Mostly reorganizing the studies-related Stuff, new directory for the digital media course, and stuff like that. Minor tweaks.


I made a picture for the home node - in case I, for some reason, get to level where I can put picture to my home node. Well, actually, I had the picture already inked; I just colored it now, using - of course - GIMP...


I got bored so I made a sirc script for handling E2 exclusively. Maybe I'll now start frequenting #everything. =) The script is just a quick hack that works for me (supposedly); if it blows up when you use it, please mail me. =)

Finished just before midnight - and uncovered a bug in GNU Recode while doing so: Recode translates " (single quote) to " when using html4 encoding. They bastards. Last time I checked, HTML 4.0 deprecated "... or was it something else that got deprecated?

Maybe recode would need an "Everything HTML encoding" that would, for example, translate [ and ] to [ and ] and so on...


I just noticed that I had used two Perl scripts - one of the first Perl scripts I wrote back in 1996 - until this month when I finally got Recode. Speak of dusty, dusty old programs. See? Legacy code isn't a necessary evil, it's evil that just simply hides. =)

Other stuff that happened today

  • For the first time, I sent GnuPG-encrypted E-mail. (I have sent one PGP-encrypted message before, and the recipient didn't even know how to open it... =)
  • I got myself a SourceForge account.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today: from Everything2 support for sirc my first perl program