An IRC client written by orabidoo. It basically consisted of dsirc, a "dumb" Perl IRC client (written in Perl 4), and ssfe, a C user interface front end that uses curses library. (There is also a GUI front-end called ksirc, for KDE, and some other GUI frontends that apparently were never finished.)

sirc was one of the first IRC clients I've seen that used Perl as the scripting language. Regrettably, it is rather old now, didn't use Perl 5 features which made the code look rather messy, and hasn't been updated either; the rumored Version 3 has, apparently, been in development but not released. Also, the UI wasn't even colored. For you old sircers: If you want an easy switch to modern, more featureful client that's still scriptable in Perl, I recommend irssi.

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