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Good afternoon...

The Morning After The Release Of Vocodotor, the quick and dirty Ogg Vorbis comment editor. (Yeah, it was released. Yes, it probably kills a lot of people.) My mailbox isn't full of comments from people asking how to turn that thing on. It's a good sign. Some people didn't like the UI too much. =(

Stuff that has happened over time... Well, not much. Apart of the release.

Time to face the challenges of the day.


You know... ISP's DNS servers seemed to be down. My whole day rhythm went strange. You Know You're An Net Addict When...

Well, acutally, it wasn't that bad... I spent time today trying to write my Programming Environment stuff. It wasn't that easy to explain all that stuff about make and like.



Praise Bill, his leadership unquestioned!

Story so far:

  • I recorded a way cool TV commercial. Nothing odd about that. It's on tape now.
  • I loaded up my video editing software (Pinnacle Studio PCTV) to Windows.
  • I tried to capture. It crashed.
  • (After each crash, it refused to believe the card is not in use, which means I had to restart Windows. And on this machine, it takes a long time. Don't ask me why.)
  • I tried to see what would make it a bit less crashy. It didn't crash, but refused to capture. Okay, let's try that in Linux...
  • I opened up the machine, cleaned some dust, installed Aureal Vortex2 card (the driver I have for this on-board sound chipset won't record sound in Linux). Downloaded drivers, compiled, installed. Werks.
  • Broadcast 2000: Captures video, drops hell of a lot of frames for reasons unknown. Sound always recorded at maximum volume (who the hell would know why... it's a semi-binary driver and Aureal is dead. I hope Creative Labs will open up the driver someday...)
  • 2 hours, 30 minutes after the start of capture attempt: Hard Reboot. Something that the bttv driver did decided that it'd be Cool to crash the machine. Fsck! (literally.) Maybe I should finally get that ReiserFS stuff I've always dreamed of. =(

Oh, and you're not gonna believe this error message:

nighthowl:~$ man display

gzip: stdout: No space left on device

At first glance, this looks awful lot like "/dev/null full", but this was caused by full root partition... =) Nuked some stuff from /tmp and it worked again.


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