Forgot to tell the musical things I did yesterday. I tried out some music program called MixMan and produced strange music with it.

Really strange. Really strange.

These "mix" programs seem fairly interesting things as a musician's tool, but as far as I can tell this stuff isn't "make big hits in minutes" stuff...

I also made guitar picks from Pringles tube covers.

(IBM's "Peace, Love, Linux" campaign is becoming more and more effective. Too bad my guitar is a Yamaha, and not a Finnish Landola =)


Remains seen. Time to face the challenges of the day.


Whohohohohoo! I can post stuff to E2 again from my own machine! =) My techno-stress is over! ::sigh::

I must say a few days of rest from E2 stuff helped a lot. I should have creativity breaks more often.


Ran around the town, bought something to eat...

Some games I need to buy:

  • Grand Prix 3 - I'm not into racing games in general, but if the last racing game I have played was for 286, I probably need to catch up at some point. =)
  • The Sims - I hope it's worth all this hype...


Grrrrrrr! Nethack is a game that has a telepathic UI (don't say "now I'm doing fine!" or your game will be ruined!) and the net connection seems to have looked at the NH sources. Just when I was happy it worked, it stopped working. Clucking bell.


Hacked some Java, wondered about the lack of getopt(), cursed at number formatting problems...

Weird. I just sent a writeup but this daylog won't get updated... ::scratches head::

(Still no fancy navigation...)