Woke up to the horride sound of my alarm. Began work at a ungodly hour of 9:45 am. Work is a ever boring place full of complaints and boredem. To day I had a lady (and i only say that to be polite) ask for a IMac (ok I want to kill Steve Jobs for coming out with these pieces of crap) DV (thats the crappy Imac with DVD and the 400 MHz CPU) in Blueberry (WHO ever thought of making a colour for a computer BLUEBERRY?!), well suffice it to say we didn't have that colour we had only Lime (ewww!) and Strawberry (hmmm milkshake) well she then procedes to ask when I can get one, again I tell her the wharehouse has none and I don't know. After telling her that she freaks out and tells me she will go else where.

Do these people wake up and think boy I'm going to wreak someones day today? If so I have only one thing to say to them, "GET A LIFE!".

(Pant) Ok ok, I'm now done ranting.

Came home from work and played Plane Scape Torment for a couple then had a wonderful nap with the girl friend for 3 hours.

Finishing the day off with reading more of Dune by Frank Herbert.

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