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(Maybe some more time should be put in to making my homenode (is that one word?) a little bit more informative.)

Important? Other places I've lived. Maybe, but no one said I had to place important things here.
Intrests (these are in no order at all): napping, internet, networking, life, fun, girls/women, reading, books, music, mp3s, wearing no socks, I like to wear my sandles all year round!, and much more.

People: Aldur, hc, beowulf, Foxtrot_Xray, Myrkul, Wandering Pilgrim
Cute: juliet, Tigger attached my cell phone, Huei-chi Lin aka Angie

My homepage: (This doesn't work any more, I haven't put my new one in because, frankly I don't have any great wisedom you can't find somewhere else on the net.)