Another glorious day of waking up at 4:30 AM. Sadly, this time I wasn't greeted by the cheerful humming of hard drive heads cronning away... I slept through that.

The day at Meijer proved somewhat nerve-racking. Instead of being the sole lord and master of the shredder/baler (A job I do with pride at times), I was suckered into helping out in the bottle returns. I would like to instate a mandatory sobriety test for anyone returning more than $20 in beer bottles. ($10 if your state's deposit is 5 cents)

Two major spills and a couple broken bottles later, I escaped back to the sanctity of my home, where my final paper for my rhetoric class is patiently waiting to be finished by noon tommorow.


I'm now writing up a biography of the grandfather of one of my friends (a history project due tomorrow). I recorded an interview on tape and I'm writing things about his experience in WWII and life in the Great Depression. It's a fascinating piece of work, but the professor made very daunting projects as so.

Played Baldur's Gate till 3 am (put in here since tech. it is part of the day and not the previous night. Had to wake up at 6:30 am to go to a work meeting that was supposed to be at 8:00 am but my ride never showed up. So I sumbled back home and crawled back in to bed with the girl friend (DARN! sarc).

Played some more Baldur's Gate and read some Wired.

Spent the rest of the day sleeping (thank god).

Another great sunday!

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