I was moved to post to Slashdot. Ask Slashdot has a question about the rampant, obsessive trolls who have increasingly made /. their home. So popular a topic has it been that the servers seem to have slowed to a crawl. Unless Red Hat really did buy MS. Damn, I need to watch more TV - who'd want to miss that bit of news. I noticed that my post received an automatic +2 score, which means my karma kicked in at some point; since I rarely post these days, I haven't had a chance to enjoy the fruits of my karma. But I am not a karma jockey!

While writing my /. post, I tried to resist the temptation to put brackets around some of the words.

I had an odd Everything Dream, early in the morning. cantsin had returned, and was making E2 nodes. Cool ones, but the little (expletive deleted) still wasn't putting any links in his writeups.

This being the Christmas season, I must begin my Xmas hibernation, for I'm told that it's a religious holiday. Rest assured that I will somehow find the time to post something here, whether it be about the famed debate as to whether Bill Frawley or Bill Demerest made the better O'Casey on My Three Sons or something about pet names for my nipples.

Woke up to the horride sound of my alarm. Began work at a ungodly hour of 9:45 am. Work is a ever boring place full of complaints and boredem. To day I had a lady (and i only say that to be polite) ask for a IMac (ok I want to kill Steve Jobs for coming out with these pieces of crap) DV (thats the crappy Imac with DVD and the 400 MHz CPU) in Blueberry (WHO ever thought of making a colour for a computer BLUEBERRY?!), well suffice it to say we didn't have that colour we had only Lime (ewww!) and Strawberry (hmmm milkshake) well she then procedes to ask when I can get one, again I tell her the wharehouse has none and I don't know. After telling her that she freaks out and tells me she will go else where.

Do these people wake up and think boy I'm going to wreak someones day today? If so I have only one thing to say to them, "GET A LIFE!".

(Pant) Ok ok, I'm now done ranting.

Came home from work and played Plane Scape Torment for a couple then had a wonderful nap with the girl friend for 3 hours.

Finishing the day off with reading more of Dune by Frank Herbert.

...Back - Forward...

the day of the car crash. On my way to get my license renewed, no less.
the day i felt nothingness, then, later, found it to be full of... something.
the day i broke my collarbone, and began the month of confusion.
the day i would later be grateful for.
too bad it means ill probably fail from the attendance hit.

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