Nancy is the main character in the Nancy comic strip. She is a young girl who lives with her Aunt Fritzi and has friends like Sluggo and Irma. Aunt Fritzi's last name is Ritz, but it is unclear if this is Nancy's last name. How she ended up living with Aunt Fritzi is unknown.

Nancy is a frequent character in Archie Comics, usually just as Chuck Clayton's girlfriend. She's a drama queen who spends a majority of her time fighting with Chuck about stupid trivial matters like how he forgot the anniversery of the first time they went to a bowling alley or something stupid like that. She really needs a make-over though. She's one of the few characters who still looks like they were transported directly from the 1960's.

Town of the Lorraine dukedom from 13rd to 18th century, from René II to Stanislas, capital of an independent state, until 1766, border town between 1871 and 1914, center of the Art Nouveau afterwards, Nancy's history is rich and enlivened. The city and its suburbs count 258,000 inhabitants.

100 kilometers from Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg,it is opened to Europe... Located in the Meurthe et Moselle sub-region of Lorraine, the Meurthe river flows through Nancy.

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