A small excerpt from discofever's diary...

Well, the unthinkable happened. Team Everything came and picked me up in the draft! I am now an official Everything Editor! I was the team's second-round pick (knifegirl was the first-rounder, and the team's owner, nate, is hoping she'll become the franchise player) and I've got a good line on a three-year deal at just under double the league minimum. Much more than I could ever spend... Things are looking up.

I expected my life to change right away, but things are still the same. Sure, everyone else looks glamorous, like when you see Saige show up on late-night talk shows wearing two thousand heavy gold chains and a four fingers' worth of championship rings, but life is still the same. Just much harder.

Coach Bones constantly gets on to me during practice. "No, you dumbshit! This node, you leave alone! That node over there, you kill that one! Now get out there and try it again!" God. What a hardass. Not only that, but everyone keeps calling me 'the rook', I have to carry Bozon's and General_Wesc's bags around, and I've already had to wash pingouin's laundry... five times. The worst part is, I accidentally washed his lucky sock. You know, the sock he always wears while noding? The sock that he hasn't washed since high school? He didn't say much about it, but I get the feeling that retribution is coming, ol' ping being the 'revenge is a dish best served cold' kinda guy.

Worst off, thefez says that the real hazing begins next week, and that he's conducting the whole affair. That just puts the fear of God right into these old bones, ya know?

Well, I guess every rookie editor goes through these things. I just hope that I'll do my part to help the team win, and eventually I'll get some respect out of that. Give me time, and I'll soon be one of those wily old veterans that know all the ins and outs of the game.

    - disco
I need to shave. The goatee stays, however.

I set aside part of my day to Do Nothing - this is rare. The Nothing actually consists of rooting against Man U as they play Valencia (update: Man U 2, Valencia 0 - feh).

I would have added "kill Guest User from Chatterbox" to my list of facial tics in Midwestern news anchors, but that one's now done. And I think the timestamp thing is now being worked on - no more 14-hour lag. Now everything will be marked in Estonian time (GMT+2 these days, IIRC). I still insist E2 would rock if it were transferred to the vastly-superior NT/W2K and rewritten using servlets and XML. The E2 Crew says, "can we interest you in some editor powers?"

Scholes has scored. 3-0. Oh well. It's not like I have money on this...


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