Waited all day for some friends to help me move my fridge and they never showed or even called. Stayed off the line from 11AM to after dark, except the times I called them and got their answering machine. So bored I read a sociology textbook... hence a few nodes about sociologists and the social sciences.

There is also a relatively happy ending to the day.

I went to Carolines on Broadway to see Judy Gold. She a very funny woman, especially when she showed her video of a trip with actress Glenn Close. Actually, the role of Ms. Close was played by a stick with a picture of her.

I went to Nanaimo to get awarded a $500 bursary from Scouts Canada. Looked around at Costco and Futureshop for Ultima Ascention: Dragon Edition.

Something annoying. Beeping sounds. Im asleep. No. Im awake and I am turning off my alarm clock and going back to sleep. My bed on the carpet is so warm and comfortable. Awake again. Oh shit! It is two hours past the time that I was supposed to meet someone in portland, which is a one hour drive away. On the road, 80+ m/h. A phone call to let them know I am late, a bit redundant. We do lots of naughty things. Freezing cold outside. We eat some tasty blueberry pie, and I am on my way home. Clean up. Dinner. Go to sleep early. A bunch of little stuff in between that I has already slipped my mind.

My brother Nick's 25th birthday. The sky was clouded the whole day--no sun. A bunch of us went to dinner at a Thai restaurant. Then to a bar after that. Then to a nightclub, then another one. No matter how drunk I am, once I set foot on a dance floor it all snaps into focus and I instinctively know where it's at (maaaaan). I hadn't smoked a cigarette since last Christmas; tonight I smoked a pack and more. Our group lost some members and got new ones as Nick mixed and mingled across the club--his mission anywhere. My mission was to keep locked into the groove. The soundtrack to your life. After a while Nick disappeared somewhere and I ended up at a poolroom with some people, but was so out of it I couldn't shoot straight. Which was embarrassing.

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