I need to shave. The goatee stays, however.

I set aside part of my day to Do Nothing - this is rare. The Nothing actually consists of rooting against Man U as they play Valencia (update: Man U 2, Valencia 0 - feh).

I would have added "kill Guest User from Chatterbox" to my list of facial tics in Midwestern news anchors, but that one's now done. And I think the timestamp thing is now being worked on - no more 14-hour lag. Now everything will be marked in Estonian time (GMT+2 these days, IIRC). I still insist E2 would rock if it were transferred to the vastly-superior NT/W2K and rewritten using servlets and XML. The E2 Crew says, "can we interest you in some editor powers?"

Scholes has scored. 3-0. Oh well. It's not like I have money on this...