Pop rock band from Orlando, Florida. They formed after a jam session in 1994, while some of the band members were experimenting in a studio. They gigged in Florida venues but, just as they were to be signed by a major label in 1995, they disappeared.

Tabithas Secret are (were)

Robert Kelly Thomas
John Joseph Stanley
John Leslie Goff
Brian Yale
Paul Doucette

Rob Thomas, Brian Yale and Paul Doucette are now three members of Matchbox 20.

The style of music is unmistakable Rob Thomas. However, in my opinion, the songs do all sound remarkably similar. In almost every case, the guitars have too much chorus and the vocals have too much reverb.

To my knowledge, they only released one CD, Dont Play With Matches.

Dont Play With Matches track listing

  1. 3am
  2. Forever December
  3. Here Comes Horse
  4. Paint Me Blue
  5. Dear Joan
  6. High
  7. Unkind
  8. Jesus Was an Alien
  9. Tired
  10. Swing
  11. 3am
  12. Forever December

Fans of Matchbox 20 will recognize the hit 3am, which was originally performed by Tabithas Secret.