Kick-ass 80's band from northern California fronted by the fun-loving cynical absurdist David Lowery, who went on to form Cracker and become the youngest grumpy old man in the world. CVB pioneered pseudo-ethnic, psychedelic country-punk (aka hyphen rock).

If memory serves me right, the liner notes for their first album said they hailed from Redlands, California which puts them in Southern Cal but out in the middle of the godforsaken desert. I've been to Redlands and it's friggin' hot.

I saw Camper twice in concert, once when nobody knew them and they played next to the t-shirt rack at Las Vegas' only alternative record store, and again at a club when they were at the peak of their popularity (circa Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart). The first time they were fun and sloppy and chatted with the audience. The second time they were incredibly tight, but didn't seem to be having as much fun. Jonathan Segel seemed particularly irritable and left the band shortly after that tour.


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