I suppose they could be considered one of those bands that everyone loves to hate. Generally, this is because it is true that they've a similar tone and feeling in most all of the songs on "Yourself or Someone Like You", even though they *did* try to push through that with songs like "Busted", which is quite brooding and angry. Despite the fact that they never seemed to achieve any overwhelming fame, their first album did end up going platinum ten times over between the year it was released (1996), and now (2000). I guess it did better in Australia then it did here.. either way, it really got them crazy amounts of recognition. (You'll recognize singles from this first album if you listened to the radio ever: 3 am, push, back 2 good, etc.) My personal favourite off the first album is "hang", which didn't really go anywhere on any charts, but it's still kind of dreamy.

They've been thrown into the "rock" genre, as well as pop from time to time, and alternative pop/rock. It's actually kind of hard to classify them, especially after this most recent album, which I have now..

I get a lot of flack from people for actually liking this group, though I couldn't be sure why because despite the fact that their first album leaves something to be desired in the diversity department, they are pretty good. It's easy to listen to, some of the lyrics are even pretty potent if not simple. Simplicity is nice, sometimes.

They put out their second album (this year, 2000) with a sort of twist on a play or theatre production of sorts.. it's called "mad season by matchbox twenty". I think they're trying to drop the "20" and replace it with the word now, too. Apparently, Mad Season is already doing really well, and I have to say it is probably considerably better than their first effort. The first single, "Bent", is okay, but it didn't impress me.. "Bed of Lies", and "If You're Gone", are much better and probably won't make it to singles because they're not very 'catchy' or pop'y.. they're nice, though.

I guess I should note the band members.. right, yes, here we go: Rob Thomas writes most all of the lyrical content, and even that has improved with this new album.. he attributes that to his new bride. (Ohh oh, he's married, crushing the hopes and dreams of crazed teen girls everywhere. :p) So, yes, I admit it.. I like one of "those" groups. Take that, universe.

American rock group.

Despite multi-multi-platinum sales in the States and worldwide, Matchbox 20's impact in the good old UK has been minimal. Push reached number 36 in the UK pop charts with virtually no airplay at all, and hits since then have also bombed spectacularly by their own high standards. Perhaps it's their Counting Crows-meets-Bruce Springsteen pure Americana vibe, but apart from by word of mouth, I have yet to meet a single English MB20 fan.

The driving force behind the band is undoubtably Rob Thomas, and it was no surprise when he found some fame at last on these shores thanks to the simply sublime Smooth which was featured on Carlos Santana's amazing Supernatural album. It reached #5 on the English charts and at least gave Rob and his band some publicity and cachet. However, both Yourself or Someone Like You and Mad Season have failed to make any impact on the British rock scene.

This is a pity, seeing as both albums rank very highly in my personal collection, alongside such elevated company as Out Of Time (REM), What's The Story (Morning Glory) (Oasis), Nebraska (Springsteen), August And Everything After (Counting Crows) and Appetite For Destruction (Guns'n'Roses).

Key tracks to listen to are Push, 3am, Real World and Busted on Yourself and The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Rest Stop, Crutch and the title track on Mad Season.

Matchbox 20 supported Bon Jovi on their 2001 World Tour.

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