I don't do much for the whole, it's my life. Boring life that I lead. Yay me. Anyway yes I wake up to say goodbye to my dad who's leaving to go back to Taiwan today. Cause he works out of the country. I go back to sleep I feel somewhat bad for not going with him I always use to go but today I was feeling really not into it. I have so much work, so tired. I always go back to t-town on Sat and leave late Sundays. But I went home early today back the apartment because I told my friend that I would go to the Sugar Refinery because her friend was organizing this Speaker, singer thingy.

Well during the day when I actually woke up I hurriedly finished reading the first chapter for my film class whilst chatting away with friends on the net. One confused about what she should write about for a recommendation? for one of our TAs. I didn't know what was going on cause I'm basically a brain dead drone of God. After that I rush around getting ready to go out after my mother leaves with my sister to go to soccer. I get my dog run around then we go for a walk. Thinking I'll visit my friend after visiting my mother and sister at Soccer. I walk to the wrong field. Make a giant detour back then meet with my mother and sister. I'm too tired, Jude (my dog) is too tired to walk to my friend's.

Rest of the day? A trip to richmond after soccer? Fall asleep chatting to my friends? Get back to the apartment at 7pm. The thing at the Refinery started at 7. Don't get there till 8pm as I wait for my roommate to finish eating his dinner. My other roommate decides to come with us after explaining to us that she couldn't watch tv because she had so much work to do. The Refinery was cool, though we missed some speakers, one them our friends.

I didn't catch any of the speakers names or any of the singers which is why I am somewhat frustrated and angry for the time being. One of the speakers is cool, wait I just remembered part of her name. Sherri? I think that's how you spell it. She was very good! Then the singer I really wanted to know was the second one, her music was really good, voice was very clear and good. One lone girl singing and strumming a guitar. Damn didn't get her name or her album name! She was very impressive, I guess half the reason was because I listen to that type of music too. I guess part of the reason why I didn't catch her name or album was because I was ordering my Americano from the waitress who was kind of weird and spacey? I don't know. She was interesting though and somewhat humorous, changed the price of the Americano from $1.50 to $2.00 on me. Oh well. If she wasn't talking so quietly and I wasn't concentrating so hard I would've gotten the singer's name. RAWR!

Yes the highlight of my day was I must say, the singer! She was really good, I'm being completely honest. ARgh! Not to mention the way she was dressed reminded me of a Caucasian version of Lulu from FFX, her hair was the same too. Sigh!