I'm in bed, typing on my lap, and I am dog tired. I'ver had a full day, a comfortable evening (bangers and mash & the TV with my wife) and an early night. I am happy and content.

It is, however, way too early to sleep - so I shall fill you in with details of my day.


It was, as it often is for me during the winter months, very difficult to wake and rise. I didn't breakfastbreak my fast at home (I never do on a weekday), but had a bath, got in my car and drove to work. There, at 9:30, I instead had a 'team breakfast'. This is where members of the team get together and enjoy a breakfast courtesy of our manager. A weekly treat, and much enjoyed. Today, I chose a can of coke and a sausage-and-egg sandwhich. Drippy yummyness.


By midday I had caught up on my (corporate) email, done a little work and noded a couple of things. I was pleased that they were both cooled immedietly. Two in a row is a first for me I think. Lunch was a sandwhich and a cold can of Dr Pepper. My habit is to bring food back to my desk, rather than sit and eat a proper lunch in the canteen.The notable exception to this rule is Friday, when a trip to the pub is usually called for.


By early afternoon, I'd realised that my sporadic vists to #everything had ceased. I decided to right the situation by firing up mIrc (yes, I have to use NT at work). This cheered up my afternoon greatly and keeping up with dizzy, idoru and the crowd was a welcome background task to enjoy while working. I also found myself able to calm, console and offer advice to a furious noder who'd had 20 WUs accidently killed. (Out of interest, I directed him at Node Heaven, where his writeups were resting and awaiting his re-submission, complete with tags and (html-ified) links.
NB: I wouldn't generally encourage a user who'd had a bunch of wus killed to go ahead and repost them. In this situation, a god had mistakenly killed the 20 most recent wus of the wrong (but similarly named) user - and had already apologised and given substantial XP as a compensation. Rather than lose these writeups forever, I wanted them back in the gel. Actually, is it unfashionable to talk about the nodegel these days? maybe I'll start a revival.
So, other than a meeting, and generally being a all-round nice guy, I had an uneventful afternoon. A friend sent a text message.....

J'aime beacoup
d'etre perdu a
Paris en hiver

(the pipelinks give my translation)

It turned out he was in Paris on business. Nice for some. It was good to hear from him.We patched up an issue that I would have hated to harm our friendship.


I left work just before 5, and drove home in through the dark and rainy night. Half way home, an old lady stepped out in front of me. This terrified me, and my subsequent horn-blast probably scared her too. What angered me was that she was trying to cross less than 10 meters from a pedestrian crossing, where she could have crossed the road in safety. I wanted to stop, get out, and explain this too her, but her age and apparant frailty made me worry at doing so would totally terify her.

Well, if you've read all of this, then thanks for listening. I just needed to dump my day on my Palm Portable Keyboard, and it does seem to have helped me unwind and switch off. I now hope for pleasant dreams, which, if remembered, I shall node for your delight in the morning.

P.S. I have just dialed up using my mobile phone to node this while it's still today :-)