Or, to give it its full title, the Palm TM Portable Keyboard.

It is a truely truely nifty device. The full skinny can be found here: http://palm.com/products/keyboard/.


  1. It is tiny. But when unfolded (which happens in a cool double-folded M shaped way, like some kind of 21st Century oragami) it is easily big enough for the full QWERTY keyboard.
  2. It also sports an extra 4 function buttons. These allow you to access the Palm's hard buttons without reaching up and pressing them, even the backlight.
  3. Provision is made for dialog boxes too. Both through extra marked keys (New, Done, Delete, Show, Details, OK ...) and the ability to select any random on-screen button can be chosen.
  4. A little stand folds out to support the Palm itself, holding it at a good (but non-adjustable) angle.
  5. It is light. I don't have good scales, but it is light.
  6. It comes in a nice neoprene zip-close case.


  1. It isn't rigid enough. You can only use it on flat, hard surfaces. It's OK on a train, or a plane, but not in an automobile.
  2. It has an American key layout. (The @ is above the 2. This will only irritate people used to the UK layout, who will notice that the @ and " are switched and that the \ is in the top-right rather than bottom left).
  3. It is not cheap. They Retail for $99 from Palm.com. Brits should be looking at 50 to 60 UKP.
  4. The keyboard comes in two flavours, Palm III style devices and Palm V style devices. I think that a seperate version is available for the Handspring (maybe). I purchased the former, and now I'm put off buying a Vx because I'd need a new keyboard.

The Palm Portable Keyboard is actually just a rebranded version of the Stowaway Portable Keyboard from Think Outside (http://www.thinkoutside.com). Targus markets the keyboard (under the same Stowaway name) for many other PDA's. So if you have a Visor, Clie, Jornada, Cassiopeia or iPAQ, don't feel left out.

And it's great. It's basically a full-size touch-typeable keyboard that folds into something slightly larger than the PDA itself. Yes, it is as good as a laptop keyboard. You can even use the Stowaway/PDA combo instead of a laptop if you use the latter only for typing.

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