Killed a November horror by zaks on Notes from the Underground: "An awful, boring book, written by a sick man. It really escapes me how such mindless drivel could ever have become popular." Now you know how we felt. Push the button, Frank.

Blessed the cheesemakers may be, but not Cheesemaker, not today. His ex-writeup on Soylent Green Jelly-Belly campaign said only "There's one way to waste your free time." Another would be reading writeups like that. Soylent freegel is made of people! You've got to tell them! Soylent freegel is people!

I also punched myself by painfully nuking Copacabana, a one-liner which has since been far outdone. I might never get to level 8 if I keep shitcanning my awful writeups, but then what would be the point? Slow and steady wins the race; rocket boosters win the Darwin Award.