Day two of a movie marathon. Yesterday (which is still today in the legal sense, but server time approximates the Semitic tradition of the day ending at sunset) my friend LadyChris arrived; we started things off with The Truth About Cats & Dogs, then moved on to Desk Set, followed by Clerks and Mallrats.

Tomorrow, or today, we'll see Chasing Amy, and Dogma if I go buy a copy, followed at some point by Seven Samurai. She's a fan of The Magnificent Seven (q.v.) but hasn't seen the film that started it all.

Just before she arrived, I got a call from several of my libraries saying that their Internet access was down. Apparently the main e-mail/web/database/FTP/DNS server didn't come back after I rebooted it, so I had to drive to work to reboot it in person. This time everything was fine, and I drove back just in time to greet her.

And I finally got my credit card bill, so I was finally able to reconcile Quicken with reality. (Quicken took a beating.) My credit union screwed up and failed to send me a new ATM card after I lost the old one, so for a week or two I was living off the credit card. Sucked. Now I'm back on track.

Another friend, one of those anodal people I've heard exist somewhere, got married in a civil ceremony because planning a full wedding would have taken too long; she needed his HMO to cover surgery. So in the spring I'll go up there and bless their vows, which probably means scripting a new sort of ceremony. Who knows what it'll be like. Maybe a swimming pool filled with lime Jell-O, and the bridesmaids can wear Cool Whip...