Mike Nelson was a temp worker who was hired by Dr. Forrester to help in the audit of Deep 13 during experiment 512 Mitchell. Mike ended up helping Gypsy learn of and gain control of the escape pod hidden onboard the Satellite of Love. When Dr. Forrester learned of Joel Robinson's escape, he captured Mike and sent him up in Joel's place. Mike was introducted to Joel's robots, and was quickly trained in the art of proper movie riffing. Later, Mike and the bots regained control of the SOL's engines and launched the satellite into deep space when Dr. Forrester tried to destroy the ship via reentry in the Earth's atmosphere. At the edge of the universe, Mike and the bots turned into pure energy, and played in the cosmos for 500 years. Then, following a strange calling, they returned to the bridge of the SOL and found Crow had remodeled it, and had a change in voice. They learned that they were in the year 2525, and intelligent apes ruled the Earth. And Dr. Forrester's mother Pearl Forrester was still around, and was going to continue her son's experiments. Mike ran from Pearl and her sidekicks in season 8, leading them to Rome and to several planets that Mike quickly destroyed. He was later placed on Galactic Trial for being the Destroyer of Worlds, and got off with a whole lot of community service. Mike watched as both the SOL and the robots malfunctioned in 1001: Soultaker, and he finally got to meet Joel Robinson, the man he helped escape, and the man who's place Mike took. The last time we saw Michael J. Nelson was after the Satellite of Love was destroyed, where he was living in a 1 room/1/2 bath apartment with Tom and Crow at the end of 1013: Diabolik. Mike might not have been as handy as Joel was with a screwdriver, but he was a really, really nice guy.

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