Pearl Forrester is the mother of Dr. Clayton Forrester, the original arch nemesis of Mike Nelson, and earlier, Joel Robinson, on MST3K.

Pearl came to Deep 13 in the beginning of Season 7 after TV's Frank was assumed into Second Banana Heaven. She felt that her son needed someone to be with him in his lab. So, she inhabited the lab with him and pestered him for all of Season 7 (All 7 episodes, that is) until Mike and the bots reached the edge of the universe and Clayton turned into a space baby.

She swore that she'd raise Clayton right this time around. But, she got distracted and he went off on his mad quest to take over the world again. On his deathbed (Pearl smothering him to death with a pillow), his final request was that she continue the experiments. She vowed to do whatever it takes to do so.

Five hundred years later, when the Satellite of Love returned to earth, Mike and the bots were suprised to see Pearl alive and well. She explained that she put herself into cryogenic freezing until her disease could be cured. Five hundred years later, the apes which humans evolved into (Planet of the Apes, remember) found her, revived her, cured her freezer burn, and THAT'S why she's their lawgiver.

In her Volkswagon Minibus spaceship, she tailed the Satellite all across time and space (Season 8), stopping at a couple planets and picking up a couple minions along the way, until they wound up back in modern-day earth above Castle Forrester. It was there she lived for two seasons (Seasons 9 and 10).

However, at the end of Season 10, she started screwing around with the Satellite's controls and it began plummeting into the earth. She was forced to abandon the experiments and move on to something else. She was offered the dictatorship of Qatar before the show ended.

One of the unexplained aspects of Pearl is that she seemed to know Crow before seeing him on the Satellite. She called him Arthur and Crow called her Pearl, even before Clayton introduced her.

The reason why Pearl Forrester sometimes calls Crow "Art" is a reference is a piece of viewer mail that was shown on the show several years before Pearl was introduced. A child's drawing of Crow labeled the golden robot as "Arthur", and the writers latched on to this, finding it hilarious. As such they began having Pearl call Crow "Art".

Also, for the record Pearl first appeared in the Season 6 episode "Bloodlust" when she came to visit Deep 13. Dr. F was quite annoyed that his mother and TV's Frank had a long friendship in which they had been sending letters to each other for years. In fact, during this visit Pearl and Frank spent more time together than she and Dr. F did.

Pearl has also had a number of husbands over the years, all of which died horrible yet unexplanable deaths during the Honeymoons.

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