Heh, just got back from a trip to Ireland. Business of course...

Ireland is, well, great. Very friendly people, really open, nice countryside and we had lots of luck with the weather!

Everybody had told me (warned me rather) that Ireland was a country of gloom and rain. Well, I suppose I was lucky, we had no rain for the entire duration of our stay. To be honest, none of the Irish people I talked to considered the weather we had normal... :)

Our bed and breakfast, Ashbrook House up on River Road in Castle Nock - hope that's the right spelling, was great: luxurious rooms, great service and above all, very quiet. River road is a little road of off the main roads, next to this nice river I forgot the name of, with, as I heard, excellent breakfast. (Of course I always missed breakfast)

I tried to get some really Irish food over there, but with all the Indian and Italian restaurants over there that was quite a challenge. I managed though... :) Pubfood is ok, and steaks are no problem!

Only one thing failed to please me: the pubs all close at around 11 PM. What a pity!

All in all (I won't bore you with the details of my assignment there) Ireland is a pretty nice country (unless you get stuck with bad weather) with nice people.

I think I am going to spend my next holiday there... :)