I was swimming in a one-person pool and my brothers were at the edge talking to me. I had been feeling pressure in my lower teeth for a while, and they reached the breaking point and shattered. I went to the side where it was shallow and spat out mouthfuls of blood, whole teeth and pieces of teeth.

I went to my parents who were working in the garden and showed them the broken teeth that had come from my mouth, but they didn't pay attention and I didn't want to try to talk and hurt myself, so I wondered around aimlessly trying to ignore the pain and the taste of blood.

Then I was in my living room with people that I did not know, including a young Mexican boy who was lonely because there was no one else his age there. I saw some kittens outside and went to get one for him to play with. It was very reticent, and it took me a while to coax it close enough to pick up. I brought it inside for the little boy, but everyone was occupied and no one even noticed me or the kitten.

I was in the back of a pickup truck on my driveway, and I had a gun. There were others around the same age as me there; we were waiting for the enemy to show up. I nervously kept changing my position for optimal cover and range for the various possible vectors of approach of the enemy.

No one attacked us, and we relocated to a spotlessly clean public restroom. My gun was a translucent orange pistol. I was in the handicapped stall in the back of the restroom with some of my comrades; others were hiding in the row of stalls along the side of the room. Eventually one of the enemy came in, and when he spotted us beneath the stall doors, someone shot him. The body was dragged into one of the side stalls.

Presently, more enemies came: identical twins and one of their friends. We held our fire while they joked around with each other. Then they began to jeer at us and aim their guns at each of us in turn. I had my gun trained on one of them, and the person next to me said that my aim looked good and that I should go for it. I wondered how well they could judge my aim and why they didn't go for it.

The talking drew attention and I found myself staring down the barrel of an enemy gun. The second it moved away, I double-checked my aim and fired once at each of them. I waited to see the results before firing again because I didn't want to waste bullets. Slowly, one of them raised his gun toward me. Then they all fell down.

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