Well well well. I hesitate to mention DMan. I will give my bit about that tomorrow. Need sleep now.

Today I was almost knocked to the floor by a declaration by my co-workers. I am currently the only person on the roster for my company's next project, and, this is knocking-me-down-worthy because it's the absolute biggest project my company has ever seen, we are doing it in Perl, it's an absolutely huge financial portal, and it's in German and English.

Wait--German? I don't know German. Hey, come to think of it, I'm not too down with portals or finance either. Oh shit. I barely know any Perl. Well, good thing I'm the only developer signed up. heh. sigh. This will be a painful learning experience, and I will come out a god. I'm slightly worried, and eerily confident. More to come on that, I'm sure.

Sam made spaghetti. Retard used pepperoni spaghetti sauce. I tried to eat it. It was too pepperoni-y. No meat for me. Sam and Derek are still playing that damned Legends of Dragoon game. I think they will have it beaten in less than a week.

Speaking of games, adoxograph and me played us some Magic online tonite via Apprentice. I was a bit distracted by the DMan crisis though. I made two crappy decks way too fast with way good cards and won from pure luck. It was ok. She didn't have fun. I felt a little bad.

My firewall pisses me off. It makes dial-up connection sharing absolute hell. Sam's computer tries to do some weird shit like constantly, so I always end up just turning the firewall off. Then it fucks up my PAP for some reason. I don't know.

Today I listened to a whole lot of Delta 9. In fact, other than a Filter song, it was Delta 9 day. Woo.

Now, I partake in sleep. I think about DMan and ponder what horrid things will come from my fingers when it becomes time to approach the world with my thoughts of the situation. I also need to remember to finish the Killer Instinct shit...dammit.

Oh yeah, and today at work I made a script that asks for confirmation when you hit the reset button, so that you don't lose a huge page of information on accident. And I made a bunch of new menu images that actually completely changed the look and feel of the site. It was cool. Good day.