Sitting in Belanger's room at lunch, writing an entry. Just let Erica have the pillow I brought to school because the chair was too low for her. I've had a strange couple of days.

It began on Saturday morning. I woke up at about 6:30 so that I could be ready by 7:30 and get to Gwynn Park by 8:00 for the SAT II. I had signed up for US Hist, Math II, and Chem, but during the test I decided to take Writing, Math II, and Physics. I think I did pretty well.

Then I raced off towards Bowie State University. It took about 20 minutes because I was driving about 90 MPH on 301. I got there at about 12:50 and they were in the middle of the second event.

I raced my three races... Ian DQed in backstroke on one of our relays, and we actually managed to beat Roosevelt in the 200 fly relay. I'm really glad, because according to most of the people on the swim team, my butterfly is getting a lot better. Kara D tried to fly, but she drowned. :p

Then we voted on captains... It was me, John, and Jeff who were chosen to be voted on... John is captain, Jeff is co-captain. I'm a little angry because the girls didn't get to vote. None of the guys on the swim team really like me except Jeff..... and I guess that makes sense. I didn't want to be captain anyway.

I was in the middle of changing, and it was just me and this other guy in the room. He was talking to me, and he seemed genuinely interested... I didn't know what to say, and just because he seemed to be showing interest, I found myself getting hard. I knew it was happening, so I got changed as quickly as I could. Unless he was really looking, I'm pretty sure he didn't notice.

We headed down 301 to the mall with Anne following us. Anne leaves us, and I find my transmission fails. I'm driving around in 1st gear, and I hear the engine and see the tacometer, and I decide to pull over and restart the car. It works again. YaY! Randy the mechanic.

We make it to the mall, and we walk around and get Kara gifts for her surprise party. Anne catches up to me, Skye, Susanne, and Kara, and she brings Andy and John. We spend all of our money, then go to some restaurant in the mall, the American Cafe or something. Kara pays for me (even though I gave her the $2 I had and spent less than $4 on my meal). The meals were horrible even though the waiter was hot. Fortunately, I just got French Fries, and they weren't bad. Anne's boyfriend, John, decides to battle it out with me in a drinking contest. I drank 8 cokes, he drank 7. He stopped, and just acted like he didn't want any more. I could tell he was about to throw up, because he was sucking those things down too fast. Once again, I am forced to assert my masculinity in a barabaric contest. How emBAREASSing for John. :p

Anne bought me a poster for Christmas... it was $3, but he was one of the hottest guys ever! O_O He's gorgeous. I hung him on the back of my door, where my parents will probably never have to look. :p

Then we decide to go to Pocket Change, but Skye, Andy, and I had no money so we went to this airbed store. We laid down, and started talking to the clerk guy. We became friends with him. :) His name is Daniel, and unfortunately he has a wife. Oh well. I'll hit on him anyway, and if he's interested, he's interested. ;) I don't want to be a homewrecker, but... if he wants to do something, obviously there's something wrong with the relationship anyway... right? RIGHT? Please someone help me confirm this so that I won't feel horrible about hitting on my guy. :)

I'm going to the store again tonight so that I can have somewhere quiet to do my homework. :) I also need to get The Stranger.

Anyhow, then we went to Pocket Change to meet the others. I showed my poster around, and Kara was trying to hit on the clerk so that she could get a penguin thing. When it wasn't working, I understood why (with how he was acting about my poster - he acted like it was the worst thing in the world, but he looked at it the whole time). But the guy wasn't cute. At all. So I wasn't about to be like Kara and hit on him like a monkey. He gave each of us a hug, though (he picked me all the way up off of the ground). LOL

We went to Pacific Sunwear, and there was another guy who was climbing a ladder to put some clothes up on a shelf. When I pointed him out, he was just under a spotlight, and Anne said he looked like an angel. Then everyone gave each other kisses on the cheek, and I gave Anne a giant lick. :p

We stopped back by the bed store, and Susanne and I got Daniel something to eat because he couldn't leave the store. Then we named the guy in my poster after Daniel. :) I so want to hit on that guy. ^^; Both of them.

So I take everyone home, and go to sleep.

The next morning, I knew that I have a lot of work to do that day. I go to church even though I was supposed to be working that morning. But my boss goes to my church, so I knew he'd be angrier if I had been working.

We finally sat in the right spots. There's some 30 year old guy in my church... He has a daughter, but I don't think he has a wife... He's really cute. Not in a drop dead sexy way, but there's just something about him that makes me really interested in him. I can't explain it.

Well, we sat in a such a way that we could look at each other without anyone else seeing. I was exchanging looks with him the entire service. We stared into each others' eyes for minutes at a time. When the preacher said something about homosexuality and other sexual immorality, we looked at each other, and I could see that it hurt him to hear that.

But I still don't know his name, and I still didn't speak to him. It's better that way.

I went home, and started working. I had one small error left, and I couldn't figure it out. Anne arrived early. I was already 30 minutes late, so I left it as it was.

I went to the firehouse- Andy had already left. I went to the place at 301 with Anne where I picked Susanne up. Then I got Seth, and Andy still wasn't at the firehouse, so I went home, and he was there pretty soon.

I picked Kara up, and we talked on the way to my house. I didn't let it slip like I thought I would. We get home, and go downstairs, and everyone yells surprise. Woo hoo! She was VERY surprised. It's only 2 weeks before her birthday. :p

We played Balderdash, then ate a HUGE meal, then played Truth or Dare Jenga (but Seth didn't have to kiss me, damn). Oh, but Skye's David did tickle me. That was really funny, because I was asking for it. ^^;

We watched Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle, played twister, Seth started watching X-Files, and I checked my email. Everyone had to go home. They enjoyed it though, and I was glad that Kara was surprised. I started working. Before I knew it, I solved the problem...

My boss owes me big time on this one. :) It's probably gonna be about $300, but actually he'll probably give me $400 because it's Christmas and all.

Woo hoo! :)

Now I'm at school, and I'm tired. But I have my pillow. ^_^