The Charlotte

Charlottes have only recently made their way into junior high schools across America. A Charlotte is any girl between the ages of 10 and 13 who sees a few Good Charlotte songs on MTV and decides that wearing all black and listening to "goth" music is a way to garner attention. A hallmark of Charlottes is their inability to differentiate between genres of music; they often consider themselves "punk" for this reason.

Appearance: Look for Charlottes making the rounds at your local mall wearing oversized (men's extra-large, minimum) Good Charlotte t-shirts, or shirts with appropriate gothic sayings on them ("You say 'psycho' like its a bad thing" is popular). Charlottes wear black and white striped socks cut into gloves, black wide-leg JNCO jeans that completely cover their feet, and Adidas sandals to complete the ensemble. No tattoos or piercings (her mother won't let her), but sports several rings and maybe some black lipstick. Hair is matted and unkept, may have a poorly-executed dye job. It is extremely rare to see a Charlotte older than 14; typically by this age they realize how goofy they look wearing their older brother's clothes.

Music: Good Charlotte (obviously), Britney Spears, Slipknot

Drink: Root Beer

Dance: Dancing is difficult when your pants come completely over and under your shoes. Too hip to venture onto the dance floor during the 7th grade Homecoming Dance, anyway. Prefers to lurk in dark corners with girls and guys of similar ilk, and might shuffle around and headbang a bit if the DJ plays some Linkin Park.

Quote: (To annoyed chaperone at junior high dance): "Why can't they play more punky music, like Limp Bizkit?"