This is not a definitive list, as there is often quite a bit of overlap between the various categories. (See Female Goth Stereotypes.) There are some coresponding stereotypes for each gender - ie The Dandy is the male equivalent of the Lucrezia, the Siouxsie is the female equivalent of the Mad Bob - but there is also overlap between, say the dancing style of the Lucrezia and the Male Waif. The hell with it, there's just lots of overlap, okay?

The Crow

  • A recent phenomenon. A Goth who dresses up like Eric Draven from the film `The Crow'. Minimum requirements are the pale face and tragiclown triangles above and below the eyes; if they want to go the whole hog, they wear black pants and t-shirt reinforced with black duct tape. We once spotted an entire Busby Berkely Chorus-line of Crows at Midian, a sight that almost defies belief.
  • Favourite drink: water.
  • Favourite music: anything from `The Crow' soundtrack, except that song by the Rollins band.
  • Dances: in clumps.

The Dandy

The Jourgensen

  • Named after the Ministry front-man. This one's easy; long overcoat, black t-shirt, long hair (sometimes in a ponytail) and mirror-shades. Looks like someone who got lost from a Cyberpunk roleplaying game.
  • Favourite drink: vodka, vodka and vodka.
  • Favourite music: Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Snog and Ministry.
  • Dances: aggressively, with lots of hair-tossing, stamping, wild gestures with the arms and epileptic facial contortions. Much given to singing to the overhead lighting system.

The Mad Bob

  • After Cure lead singer Robert Smith. Consists of a huge hairdo shaped like a pine-cone; cardigan or long shirt (paisley patterns are okay), pale face, crooked lipstick and black eye-liner. Excessive rolling of the eyes has been noted. Accessories are limited to bangles and rosary beads.
  • Favourite drink: vodka and blackcurrant/raspberry juice.
  • Favourite music: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees.
  • Dances: drifts around like a lost piece of kelp, arms waving, bumping into others; he imagines that he's the only person on the dance-floor.

The Waif

  • Cute; young, thin; pale, sensitive tragic face. Waifs occasionally wear capes and usually have hair in black, curly locks a la Lord Byron.
  • Favourite drink: anything that will get him very drunk, very quickly, usually bought by someone older who's trying to get him into the sack or the toilets.
  • Favourite music: anything overly angst-ridden; O Fortuna (also known as the Maxwell House Coffee Ad Music); anything which they can pretend to be sea-weed to.
  • Dances: excessive hand gestures while on the dance floor (including undersea waving, Beseeching Gestures To The Gods, bowing and scraping, and the Hand Tragically Nailed To The Forehead).

The Eldritch, mark 1

  • After Anrew Eldritch, the lead singer of the Sisters of Mercy. Similar in some ways to the Jourgensen (mirrorshades); optional extras include a cane or swagger-stick, bare chests under a leather jacket (unfortunately, the Eldritch is an entirely male phenomenon), leather pants, boots.
  • Favourite drink: white spirits.
  • Favourite music: Early Sisters of Mercy (up to Floodland), The Mission.
  • Dances: lots of waving about of the hands, arrogant stamping around and Beseeching-the-Gods in a similar fashion to the Male Waif except done much more vigorously.

The Eldritch, mark 2

  • Consists of a white suit, waistcoat and shirt; mirrorshades, ponytail and a small beard. Cane or swagger-optional.
  • Favourite drink: anything that he can throw up without staining his white suit - whiskey, tequila, bourbon.
  • Favourite music: recent Sisters of Mercy.
  • Often too dignified to dance, but when he does, has been spotted making meaningful gestures, waving his cane about, pointing behind him and shaking his hand as if he's either had a very good idea or has suddenly been overtaken with Parkinson's Disease.

The Blank Reg

  • A punk that has accidentally wandered in to a Goth club. Excessively ripped clothing, mohawk. Dances to EVERYTHING.
  • Favourite drink: beer.
  • Favourite music: anything angry from the late seventies.
  • Dances: stomps, bounces, slams, frantically nods head.

The Baby Goth

  • Someone's little brother or cousin. Wears: black jeans & sneakers, and a black t-shirt with his favourite band on the front, or formal black pants and shoes, white shirt, and a dinner jacket borrowed from whoever he came with. Looks anxious when spoken to by unfamiliar males, turns bright red and stammers when spoken to by a female.
  • Hair: A couple of inches longer than his school likes.
  • Favourite drink: Beer.
  • Dances: Lots of head-shaking (& wishing his hair was longer) and shaking his fists in the air.
  • Favourite music: Rage against the Machine, Nirvana.

Above list is courtesy of (and copyright 1995 or so) Chris Niland, used with permission.

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