I've developed an interesting habit as of late.

It seems that whenever there is a whiteboard in the near vicinity, I am compelled to grab a dry-erase marker, and write this exact phrase. (Preferably in blue. I don't know why, so don't ask.)

I was at work the week before last, and I had a plain whiteboard in my manager's office, and a nice selection of multi-colored dry-erase markers. I had a large supply of corporate logos scattered around his office which I drew on the whiteboard using the different color markers. They actually came out quite good.

As I was looking at the logo-filled whiteboard, there was an empty white space on the far left. I decided that area needed something. Having run out of corporate logos, and being a fan of Britney Spears, I grabbed the blue marker and simply wrote:

Britney Spears
rocks your socks
right off.

Just like that. My manager looked at the board, and admired my artistic work with the corporate prostitution on his whiteboard. He then eyed my Britney fan-art.

"What the fuck is that?"

I repeated aloud what I had wrote, and he started laughing. Later, I walked into his office and found that while the logos were all intact, the Britney-phrase had vanished! (There were suspicious blue remnants on the whiteboard eraser.) I proceeded to re-write the phrase in its original splendor. Again, he erased it in my absence. This process repeated about ten to fifteen times throughout the day, and I managed to write it on the board after he left for the day.

It was gone the next morning.

So now, as an homage to the original idea, I write this phrase on every whiteboard I come across. I just wrote it on the board for my CCSA / CCSE class, and the instructor gave me a strange look.

That's okay. It's probably because his socks are trying to force their way out of his shoes.

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