A Memphis, TN native, the most visible and arguably most talented member of the pop group 'N Sync. Also known as the "cute one" of the group, he has made the first tentative steps into not only being the puppet of superproducers and managers by lip syncing and dancing to catchy pop songs that he had no part in writing, but writing songs himself (a major feat for a pop star these days!). Among his song writing credits are the insanely upbeat (and rather self-defensive) "Pop" off of the band's latest album, Celebrity, and a song that he wrote for his infamous (ex)girlfriend's latest album.

Justin was born January 31, 1981, making him not even old enough to legally drink at the time of this writeup and the youngest member of 'N Sync. Moving to Orlando, Florida, a veritable breeding ground for young male boy band talent (term used loosely), at a young age, he began entering contests, winning the "Dance Like the New Kids on the Block" contest in 1989 without the slightest hint that ten years later, he would be doing just that. In 1992 he won a spot on the now-infamous Mickey Mouse Club, where he "grew as an artist" until 1994 when the show was cancelled. After that, the boys of 'N Sync met up and formed the band (again, used loosely), and the rest is history--I mean, soon to be a $16,000 question on Millionaire.

After acheiving such success surprising even for a formulaic pop group, time will tell whether or not Justin Timberlake can rise above the predetermined life cycle of cute little blond boys who sing and dance or whether he'll have peaked at age 20 with several multi-platinum albums and the heart of the world's most famous virgin.

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