Slashdot nowadays is littered with garbage about hot grits, penis birds, Beowulf clusters, and (ironically) Natalie Portman. Portman comments are particularly worthy of being moderated down:

  • They are off-topic. Comments to Slashdot stories are generally expected to relate to the article mentioned in the story; Natalie Portman is (Score:-1, Offtopic) except in stories about Star Wars prequels.
  • They're getting old (Score:-1, Redundant). This Natalie Portman nonsense has been going on for months; it's not funny anymore.
  • Portman is an actress. She works for a motion picture studio affiliated with the MPAA. The Slashdot community hates the MPAA because the MPAA hates interoperability and considers anyone who thinks otherwise to be a (Score:-1, Troll).

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