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From left to right: Colin, Pinocchio, and Gus wish me a happy 22nd birthday.

  • radlab0 says the real question is whether he has no legs, or simply doesn't understand the ins and outs of pants technology. I mean, we've all had bad days when we've tried to fit heads through armholes, right?
  • gnarl says colin is asking to use the restroom. pinocchio is asking how to be real, and gus would like to bounce, please.
  • Lometa says *the Blue Fairy reached out with her wand at 8:40 this morning and ------@+ Zing! Gus has Real Legs*
    It doesn't always work that way. Once you have lived several years of your life without legs, your nervous system becomes hard-wired not to use legs. The fairy's magic worked on Pinocchio because 1. there weren't several years of hardwiring to undo, and 2. the story was apparently just the dream of a boy who was real to begin with (see the end of Pinocchio ch 36). At least I'd rather have no legs than useless legs.

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No, this is not a NAZI™ logo.

Video Games

Here are most of my video game related writeups that I consider at least semi-worthwhile:

by title: 100-in-1 Contra Function 16 (the first pirate multicart to be supported in NES emulators), Bricklayer, Centipede, Dr. Mario, Forsaken, Mario Kart bugs, The New Tetris, Panel Action Bingo, Perfect Dark, Pole Position, Solar Wars, Spellevator, Wolfenstein 3D, Zero Wing, Zoop

nes emulators: LoopyNES, NESticle, TuxNES

other: 3D engine fog, APA, common video game design flaws, Hong Kong Original, Impossible Nintendo Cartridges, mapper, mask work, NES programming, parallax scroll, puzzle game gravity, rototorture

Like to write factuals?

Then license them under the GNU Free Documentation License so everybody else can use them.

How do they do that?

TheBooBooKitty and Gritchka got M-Noder status (plus or minus a few writeups) by content rescuing random nodes that contain one-liners and by staking their claims in uncharted territory.
TheBooBooKitty says You don't really seem to have a lot of bad nodes. You would be on Everything's Best Users right now if you would just keep plugging away at noding. Just find your "subject" and go for it.

some_guy says
please do not thank me
for spending my c!
instead I thank thee
for a node that was worthy!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled homenode drivel

You may already know me...

There is only one 'i' in yerricde. The network admins at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology assigned me this nick (first six letters of last name, plus first initial, plus middle initial if present), which is short for Damian E. Yerrick. Elsewhere, I am

SMTP and MSN Messenger
MSN Messenger (not for mail)
Slashdot, SourceForge, and other OSDN sites

Snail Mail

Damian Yerrick
730 Runnion Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46808-3744

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I don't add to known GTKYNs.

Idiomas que hablo

I speak these: English | Spanish (solamente un poquito) | C | QBasic | C++ (solamente un poquito) | 6502 assembly | Scheme (solamente un poquito)

Scheme is easier the second time around. On the other hand, even though I almost understand Perl's hash system (apparently, it's like a dictionary, mapping from strings to objects), but I'm afraid I'd need some hash (in the sense of the mind-altering drug) to be able to "get" the rest of the complex language.

Pet Projects

Nodeshells to Fill

strip Tetris

My Voting Policy

I upvote writeups that match the pattern node for the ages. I /msg noders whose writeups lack content or hard links; if that fails (e.g. the writeup is by a fled user, or the user acts like an ass), only then do I downvote. (If it hits -5, I file an E2 nuke request as soon as I have a couple of my own to delete.)

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