One of the best-known 100-in-1 cartridges of the early era of NES emulation is called Contra Function 16. It contains about 30 working NROM games (and hacks thereof) and claims to have Contra, As of early 2001, most NES emulators could not run Contra and a few of the NROM games, but newer emulators (Nintendulator, FCE Ultra, Nestopia) have no trouble. Even though the 1-megabyte cartridge uses RAM for graphics (the largest legit ROM published in North America was 768 KB), most are not compressed (except Contra) so they're easy to skin with Tile Layer.

100-in-1 Contra Function 16: Included games

Hey, this is almost an Early NES Games Metanode!
  1. Konami's Contra (nonworking in LoopyNES)
  2. Taito's Arkanoid
  3. BPS's Tetris (only released in Japan; sucks)
  4. Tengen's Tetris (port of arcade Tetris)
  5. Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers
  6. Hudson Soft's Bomberman
  7. Nintendo's Mario Brothers
  8. Popeye
  9. Nintendo's Donkey Kong
  10. Nintendo's Donkey Kong 3
  11. Wild Gunman
  12. Nintendo's Duck Hunt
  13. Hogan's Alley
  14. Pinball
  15. F1 Race
  16. Urban Champion (an extremely crappy fighting game)
  17. Balloon Fight
  18. Baseball
  19. Ice Climber
  20. Mappy
  21. Galaxian
  22. Galaga
  23. Antarctic Adventure (very impressive penguin racing game; prequel to Tux Racer?)
  24. "Chack Pop" (non-working in LoopyNES)
  25. Star Force
  26. Pac-Man
  27. Warp Man
  28. Battle City
  29. "Combat" (non-working in LoopyNES)
  30. Pooyan (very cute, almost Sanrio-ish)
  31. Sky Destroyer
  32. Hudson Soft's Binary Land starring Tux and his girlfriend
  33. Macross: a side-scrolling space shooter
  34. Broderbund's Lode Runner


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