Tux Racer is a game that features Tux the Penguin as its main character. The object of the game is to slide down hill as fast as possible.

It's the third OpenGL game I've got working with 3DFX hardware acceleration under Linux (Well, Golgotha sorta didn't work...), and the first game I've played whose config files I've needed to edit with vi. =)

Tracks can be edited with GIMP, and it has tcl support.

It's surprisingly spectacular... for an open source game... =) It even has stunning details - like, when Tux slides on his back, and you turn the view to Tux's viewpoint, you see Tux's feet! And all the graphical glitter that Geforce cards support, yum...

The 0.6x releases are available as under GPL; 1.0 is a commercial release (I hope they'll eventually release the source - this is what happened to Abuse and iD software games like Doom or Quake, and no one can say that iD is not a successful company with that business model =)

I hope the future versions include 2-player mode with LinuxFox and his sled...


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