The best sports video game ever made. It is a game made for the original Nintendo (NES). The users could make teams and leagues, hire and fire players, and even make their existing players better. No baseball game has come close to the amount of control and sheer joy attained by playing Baseball Stars.

Here's another piece of random trivia filling a space in my memory that might have been used for useful information:

Back on the old 8-bit NES, one of the best games around (and still, to this day) is Baseball Stars. This game had great gameplay, as well as the added feature of being able to create, customize, and power up teams. Each player had a bunch (around 8 or so) of statistics such as running speed, hitting, batting, fielding, etc. which could be powered up by earning money from winning games. Each player had a maximum number of power-up points that could be spent on him or her, as well.

When creating a team, the player had the option of 8 different specialties. I don't remember them all, but among them were hard hitters, fast runners, strong pitchers, and probably one for good fielding skills and one for well-roundedness. There was also a meter for prestige, which, as the number increased, the player drew more money per game, allowing for frequent customization.

Following the team characteristic selection screen, the player would choose a name for the newly-created team. By default, something like "Sharks / Team 3" would be supplied, and could be changed to anything the player selected, so long as it fit onto two lines of eight characters each. Player names were similarly limited in that they couldn't exceed six characters.

If on the team characteristic selection screen, the user followed the pattern down right left down down right up, the cursor would land on the '?' and the default team name would be "When isn't it?" After changing this to "When it is." the user would then be allowed to choose a real name for the team, and the team would be populated with star players maxed out in all of their abilities. This rather obscure cheat was good for starting out, but in the long run a team of rookies with high potentials will usually make a better team once you earn some money and power them up.

There was another similar code (but I don't remember the control pad sequence) which asked at the team name selection screen "What is a wren?" to which the user response "A bird." would result in a team composed entirely of short-short-wearing underhand-pitching women.

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